> Cuba has moved from being a socialist country to a Court

30.05.2016 .
Havana, Cuba


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Highest regarded issue in Courts was faithfulness to the king, the king meant life, staying alive. Life in Courts has a twofold significance: one of social life and the other of life as such. Both definitions are worth quite similar in a Court, as this is a way to die for those who leave the protected circle that it embodies. The privilege in a Court is reckoned in grams of life. But the value of every gram increases over time, fidelity turns into daily routine thus invalidating an own judgment.  The Court transmutes ethics and principles in opportunities and indifference. The Court becomes a theater.

Being part of the Court in Havana is appetizing today more than ever, because for the first time this closeness can ensure the entry to the VIP International (which is no longer being part of the left-wing intelligentsia, but of the Chanel like futile glamour and of Baron investors), this is what has changed and what sounds appealing to many: being able to walk in other Courts overseas. The longer you are in the Court, the more abstract and unfamiliar the concepts people and nation become (perhaps, at some point, turn into concepts that cause so much fear as in the French Court on the eve of the Revolution).

I know of many who chose to be near the power (or within the power) because they thought that way they could change things in Cuba, so they thought served their people and their country. In most of those cases, they were the ones who changed. It saddens me because some of them are intelligent and valuable people who have become advocates for their personal privileges, and they know it. The best way to control anyone in this country is to make him feel ashamed of himself, in doing so they license themselves to losing the shame.

Want a better Cuba is not work exclusively for those who are in power (or near the power), it is the right of all those who hurt the country, and that should not have a price.

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