Immigrant Movement International

Conception Year: 2006

Implementation Years: 2010 – 2015

Medium: Appropriation of Political Strategies, Arte Útil

Duration: Long – Term Project

Materials: Immigration policies and laws, Immigrant Population, Elected Officials, Politicians, Community Organizations, Public Pressure, Media

Location: Corona, Queens, New York, United States


Tania Bruguera’s Immigrant Movement International, presented by Creative Time and the Queens Museum of Art, is a Long-Term art project1 in the form of an artist initiated socio-political movement. Bruguera will spend a year operating a flexible community space in the multinational and transnational neighborhood of Corona, Queens, which will serve as the movement’s headquarters.

Engaging both local and international communities, as well as working with social service organizations, elected officials, and artists focused on immigration reform, Bruguera will examine growing concerns about the political representation and conditions facing immigrants. As migration becomes a more central element of contemporary existence, the status and identity of those who live outside their place of origin increasingly become defined not by sharing a common language, class, culture, or race, but instead by their condition as immigrants. By engaging the local community through public workshops, events, actions, and partnerships with immigrant and social service organizations, Immigrant Movement International will explore who is defined as an immigrant and the values they share, focusing on the larger question of what it means to be a citizen of the world. Bruguera will also delve into the implementation of art in society, examining what it means to create Useful Art2, and addressing the disparity of engagement between informed audiences and the general public, as well as the historical gap between the language used in what is considered avant-garde and the language of urgent politics.

1, 2See Glossary



Immigrant Movement International is pleased to announce that we will be staying in our headquarters in Corona, Queens for the duration of 2012. We will continue continue to offer a variety of services to the community at no cost.

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Havana, January 2011, before the project starts

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Paris, before the project starts

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New York, April 14

Introduction on Useful Art

Immigrant Movement International Headquarter

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Corona, Queens, after May 1st



Headquarter:   108-59 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona, Queens, NY 11368