From ideology detector to opportunity detector

23.01.2015 .
Havana, Cuba

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I had always heard the stories about Virgilio Piñera, Heberto Padilla, Reinaldo Arenas. Stories on how difficult reconciliation and forgiveness are. I had heard how much more courageous it is to say “I am afraid”, than to defend something you don’t believe in. How, when you say “I am afraid” facing that person who generates such fear, when you conquer it, when you stand in front of him as easy prey, vulnerable and disarmed, you are victorious. I also knew that, when you learn the art of being a ventriloquist disengaging yourself  from what you feel, what you think and what you say, then the victory is theirs, because a good ventriloquist no longer identifies from where he speaks.

There is a great difference between being opportune and being opportunistic. To me the options are very clear.

But today the ventriloquist experiences a mutation which makes him bilingual: while he speaks with discipline with the police inside his country, allowing himself to be used to harm others, he speaks also proposing the opposite discourse.  He even pens letters for the public that contradict him. This, so he may remain intact with those outside the country that may make invitations which may pad his curriculum, lying to everyone on the way, while leaving a trail of venom. 

Tania Bruguera

January 23, 2015