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Art in America
Critic Picks
May 2011

From: “Immigrant Movement International,” Art in America, Critic Picks. May 2011. United States.

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Immigrant Movement International

Art in America, Critic Picks

Tania Bruguera just launched a new yearlong project with Creative Time and Queens Museum of Art. Immigrant Movement International is billed as an “artist-initiated socio-political movement.” Bruguera has set up a storefront space in Corona, Queens, known for having one of the most diverse immigratn populations in the U.S. She plans to engage with local and international communities, social service organizations, elected officials and artist whos works address immigration reform. The inaugrual event was held on April 23 and featured conversations with artists, scholars and curators, including Mel Chin, Nato Thompson, Tom Finkelpearl and Claire Bishop.