IP Détournement

Title: IP Détournement

Year: 2010

Medium: Behavior Art

Materials: Permit from artist to reproduce and pirate their work in the collection of new media at the Centre Georges Pompidou to be sold in the streets around the center for 1 Euro, 74 DVD collection, fabric, various TV monitors models, DVD players, metal shelves, projectors, sofa, red carpet, wooden chains, wooden spatulas, untidy metal office furniture, vynil text on floor, performer, book with printed correspondence, description and accompanying text from the curator and one from critic studying the open source.  Systems and their impact in culture as well as the images of the performances and final statistics from the exhibition sales.

Dimensions: variable


IP Détournement is Tania Bruguera’s response to the invitation to a new series called Voir/Revoir at the Centre Pompidou, in which the institution gives carte blanche to an artist to explore and work with their archives and collection. The parameter for the selection of the works to be shown inside the Centre was the acceptance by the artists in The New Media Collection to give permission to copy their work in it to be sold for 1 Euro a piece in the streets. The title of the work takes one of the most known concepts from the ‘Internationale situationniste’ as well as their statements towards the free distribution of knowledge and art.

Intellectual Property (IP) has been the subject of extensive recent discussion during these times of open source culture, the commons, and an effort to widen access to and appreciation of contemporary art. “IP Détournement” wants to approach the idea of a collection not only as the place to safeguard and preserve artworks but also in its role as distributor of such materials and knowledge.This piece constitutes as well a survey on artists’ position towards the market and the free access to their work declared on their reaction and their written response to the invitation whcih is diisplayed inside the museum.



IP Détournement. Les rendez-vous du Forum, Series Voir/Revoir:2, Centre d’Art Pompidou, Forum -1. Paris, France.  Curated by Etienne Sandrin.

September 3 – 8


Centre d’Art Pompidou, Forum -1

Paris, France

Photo: Alessandra Silvestri-Levy

Centre d’Art Pompidou, Forum -1

Paris, France

Photo: © DR



Centre d’Art Pompidou, Forum -1

Paris, France

Photo: © Herve Veronese

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