Made in India

Title: Made in India

Year: 2001

Medium: Performance Object

Materials: Textiles, tea bags, thread, mirrors

Dimensions: Approximately 8 feet tall, plus the length of the train (233 cm)


Made in India was made during a residency in 2001, at Khoj International Artist Residency in Modinagar, India. The work was made at the end of the residency in a performance entitled Made in India held at the New Delhi British Council. This object is what is left of the performance and is also the project on which the idea for the work Poetic Justice was based. Made in India is made up of used tea bags and little pieces of mirrors sewn together to form an enormous cloak. The artist scrutinizes the repercussions of British colonization in India using as a symbol their importation of tea, a product they discovered in India. Some time later, they appropriated the product as a British indigenous tradition which they re-exported to India and the rest of the world. Made in India criticizes the repercussion of Western colonization as an element against the culture of regions submitted to its power. The piece is a defense of the cultural identity and idiosyncrasy of a country.


Don’t Call me Pretty: Women in Art, April 2010. Pan American Art Gallery 


Don’t Call me Pretty: Women in Art

Miami, United States

photos: Janda Wetherington

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